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How I Use Google to Find the Best Remote Work Airbnbs

Digital Nomads, Remote Work, Airbnb1 min read

Finding Airbnbs for remote work is incredibly frustrating.

Hosts love to misrepresent their spaces by checking off amenities that don't exist, and the "designated workspace" category is next to useless.

Here's a good example. Notice how the location is marked as containing a "designated workspace", but you won't find any in the pictures. Many hosts will have nothing more than a dining room table complete with uncomfortable dining chairs.

That category could be very helpful for remote workers/digital nomads, but there doesn't currently exist any kind of quality control.

Hosts will also lie about wifi speeds and kind of kitchen equipment they have available.

To circumvent these issues, I have a google query that I use to find actual, usable Airbnbs for remote work. Here it is: intext:"fast wifi at" intext:"YOUR_LOCATION" intext:"desk" (remember to replace your location with the city you are staying in, and no spaces after the colon)

So what's going on here?

Airbnb now has the ability for hosts to verify their wifi speeds. So this query is matching Airbnb locations with:

  1. verified wifi speeds
  2. actual workspaces (desks)
  3. that exist in your city of choice

It's incredibly helpful to get a short list of locations. From there, you'll have to look through the pictures to figure out if the workspace is to your liking. You can also easily add on more query terms (for example, intext:"office chair").

If you're still not finding what you're looking for, or want to check out Airbnb locations verified by other digital nomads, you might like NomadPads. Search for DN-approved locations with in-unit washer/dryers, full kitchens, office chairs, you name it. I'll also be adding more filters like private outdoor space, street noise, and bed quality, so signup if you want to receive updates.

Happy searching!

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